What is Doctor Fish???

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Garra Rufa Authentic Wild Breed

1. Garra Rufa has a distinct black dot on gill area.

2. Garra Rufa has a black mark on the tail.

3. Garra Rufa’s pigmentation is smooth.


Garra Rufa is a species of freshwater fish which breeds in the river basins of the Northern and Central Middle Eastern countries mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran & Pakistan.

It is also called the Doctor Fish because of the role it plays in healing people affected with skin problems such as psoriasis for the past 400 years.

Garra Rufa also goes by the names of Nibble Fish, Kangal Fish and Doctor Fish.

In non-medical terms, the fish is also called the Reddish Log Sucker.

FACTS about Garra Rufa…

Originated from the Middle East where they are found in rivers & springs with thermal temperatures of 38-42°C.

They are a medically researched species of fish in Turkey (Protected Species) for their healing properties.

Release enzymatic secretions (Dithranol) which is a component of dermatological creams effective for skin to regenerate faster.

Nibble away dead skin cells by sucking on the skin which is similar to exfoliation but in a natural way.

Have an average life-span of 6-7 years.

They are able to grow up to a maximum of 7cm.

The only species from the Garra family of fishes which continues nibbling even when they are full from consuming dead skin cells.

Assist in relieving skin conditions such as psoriasis & eczema.

Now Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy This Video Demo of Garra Rufa
(Turkey Wild Breed)

The following video demonstrates how Garra Rufa Turkey Wild Breed fishes behave in
a new environment:

Are the Garra Rufa (Turkey Wild Breed) too CRAZY for your Comfort?

Fret not!

We also supply Garra Rufa (Tank Breed) to get the job done at a slower pace!

Suitable for Easily Tickled and Sensitive Persons



The Chin Chin fish also known as Kiss Kiss fish comes mostly from China and Taiwan.
It comes from the Tilapia family of fishes and has the ability to swarm as a school to bite on any foreign objects placed into the water. Not the original fish for this type of Doctor Fish for this treatment and definitely highly not recommended (See News Article Below)

They are the main reason why so many states in the USA have banned the Fish Spa.

The Chin Chin has high mortality rate and can grow up to a length of 32cm!

It does not assist in any form of temporary treatment for skin problems compared to the Garra Rufa.


FACTS about Chin Chin…


Originated from China & Taiwan.


They are classified as a pest fish in many parts of the world.

High death rate and short lifespan.


Can grow up to 32cm in size (Extremely fast growth rate).


Stops biting when they are full.


Do not assist in any temporary treatment of skin conditions.



There are many suppliers around the world supplying fake Garra Rufa which are actually Garra Species from the same family of fishes. They do not provide skin nibbling or any skin benefits.

The problem is identifying them!

They may look like Garra Rufa with similiar features but they do not have the same abilities. The safest way to protect your purchse is to get references and videos to ensure that the supplier is providing you with Genuine Garra Rufa fishes.

There are trustable suppliers elsewhere who are supplying Genuine Garra Rufa fishes but the ratio of them is very small compared to suppliers selling fakes at very low prices to make a quick buck.

We have received many feedback from customers who were victims of such purchases.

The complains are mostly about the quality of fishes received which are poor and poor customer service as well (most suppliers are very hard to contact especially when you have transferred the money). We have a few customers who did not receive their fishes from the suppliers they purchased from.

After hearing these complains, we decided to purchase some fishes from a supplier and we did a very simple test:

Feeding the fishes before putting our hands in.

Result: Before and After Feeding, barely any nibbling was done.

See this video for example…


Other Garra Species In “Action”


This Presentation is for the knowledge of common species sold off as Garra Rufa.

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