We at The Princes Association are pleased to share our achievements with our customers.

Our Milestones


Mar 2007 First Setup & Sale of Garra Rufa (Turkey Wild Breed) to Singapore’s China Town.
Aug 2007 Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) verified our fishes as the Garra Rufa
Aug 2007 US Fish & Wildlife verified our fishes as the Garra Rufa
Feb 2008 Completion of 9 Fish Spa Setups in Singapore
Oct 2008 Newspaper Interview with The Straits Times (Singapore)
Nov 2008 Newspaper Interview with My Paper (Chinese News Singapore)
Nov 2008 Newpaper Interview with Wanbao (Chinese News Singapore)
Apr 2009 Appointed by AVA Singapore to work together for the Water Safety of the Fish Spa after passing all new safety requirements.
Jun 2009 Passed all Health Inspections for all International Export
Feb 2010 Obtained European Model Health Certification for Export to EU countries
Mar 2010 Official Sole Supplier for the World’s Largest Fish Spa:

Appy Feet (33 outlets and counting!)



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