Doctor Fish - Authentic Breed (Garra Rufa) Worldwide Supplies
Doctor Fish – Authentic Breed (Garra Rufa) Worldwide Supplies

At The Princes Association, we will provide you with our Garra Rufa fishes and our specialized expertise. It is not easy to make these Garra Rufa fishes eat right away when they are being transferred into another home.

During the events, we will show you how it is done. Our Garra Rufa fishes will start nibbling at the time we promise you it would.

Kids especially have a ball of a time with these Garra Rufa fishes. Family members young and old will be able to have a feel of what these Garra Rufa fishes can do.

We promise that it will be a loud & colourful event because only our Garra Rufa fishes are able to bring your event to life. Our Garra Rufa fishes have been to events organized for banks and other corporate companies for their staff to enjoy family bonding.

All our events have been successful thanks to our team of experts and of course, our Garra Rufa fishes.

What do we provide and how does an event with us works?

We will provide the tanks, filtration system with UV, a team of experts and the stars of the event, Garra Rufas.

We have tanks ready for any type of event or occasion which have been calculated & configured to hold our Garra Rufas.

Choice of size of tanks can be discussed with us and we will recommend the best sizes for your event. UV filtration is to ensure the hygiene of the water, Garra Rufas and the users.

Our team of experts can supervise on site & instruct your staff on what to do in order to ensure that our Garra Rufas will be in the best health condition throughout the event. Our Garra Rufa fishes nibble non-stop as they are from the wilds, so don’t worry, We, The Princes Association assure you that our Garra Rufas will do their job.

Do remember to drop us an Email at least 1 month before your event.

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