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We, at The Prince Association have been building tanks suited for Garra Rufa fishes since 2007.  Garra Rufa fishes need their space as they are kept in huge quantities from 1000 to about 12000 fishes in a single tank. This is where the challenge comes in.

Past Problems

Many customers have approached us to build tanks and treatment pools for Garra Rufa fishes and ship it over to them. This method of getting a tank is very costly as the shipping & handling costs itself is enough to burn a big hole in your pocket. So, in the past, we got our customers to contact their local tank makers to fabricate a tank for them. Then came the problem we faced, the Garra Rufa fishes arrive to their country with minimal death rate of course, but the Garra Rufa fishes started to perish just after 1 to 2 months later. This was bad for our business and for our customers. Something was wrong somewhere of course. So The Princes Association got together and did some trouble shooting as our Garra Rufa fishes were dying in our customer’s tanks. With great experience, our tank master, Lionel, requested the drawings of the tank to the exact scale & measurements from our customer. After thorough calculations, we realised that the tank filtration space and system could only hold up to 824 Garra Rufa fishes and during that point of time, that tank was actually holding 1500 Garra Rufa fishes! We did some extreme measures and instructed our customers to expand the filtration system. Currently, their tank holds up to 1300 Garra Rufa fishes and all our 1300 Garra Rufa fishes have been there for close to 2 years now. They are adult size of 7cm with better response and nibbling. Our customer’s investment have paid off and they did not require any form of replenishing unlike with other breed of cheap imitations or “look alike” fishes.

Why is consultation of tanks by our company so important?

We have got customers who rather take advice from their local aquarium, more often than not, their advice kills our Garra Rufa fishes instead of helping and maintaining their life. This is because most aquarium owners do not have the experience of keeping spring water fishes or even fishes by the thousands. Tank makers usually cater tanks for smaller quantities of fishes and are usually for farm bred aquarium fishes.

How do you get our tanks or tank advise for your business?

We at The Princes Association provide consultancy for tank design and system configuration. All you will need to do is to either import the tanks from our company or simply get our customized system design and pass the drawings to a local tank maker or contractor to produce our tanks accordingly. This new method is so much easier and cost effective compared to the old method. Now our Garra Rufa fishes will be happier working for you!


“Garra Rufa (Turkey Wild Breed) just can’t stop nibbling! I was worried at first that they will over eat but never did I expect that they have such big stomach for dead skin!” Jessica Chan (Singapore)

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