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We at The Princes Association truly understand the concerns of our customers regarding the keeping of the Garra Rufa Turkey Wild Breed.

Firstly, our Garra Rufas are harvested & caught from the wilds; they are stronger, healthier and more responsive than those Garra Rufa fishes which are bred in the farm naturally. Our Garra Rufa fishes are easy to keep with the correct setup & maintenance from the start.

The Killing Factor

High Ammonia & Nitrate levels are the Number 1 KILLERS of Garra Rufa. Ammonia Spikes can kill very large amounts or all the Garra Rufas in a matter of minutes. This is where the tank’s filtration system comes into helping our little Garra Rufa fishes. The right filtration setup will help reduce & balance the amount of Ammonia and Nitrate levels.

The Correct Filtration

The Right Filtration System is one that filters and treats the water in the tank efficiently.

For business setup, you will need to allocate a large enough space for the internal filtration system to keep our Garra Rufa fishes happy & safe. The list of basic equipment which you will need are as follows:

  1. Water Pump Filter (For Internal Filtration System)
  2. UV-Filter
  3. O3 (Ozone) System (not compulsory)
  4. Temperature Regulator (heater with thermostat)
  5. Air Pump

The power of the equipment mentioned is to be calculated according to the specifications of your tank. The UV-Filter is actually the key to ensuring that these Garra Rufa fishes get the freshest water every time as it ensures that germs & bacteria in the water that passes through it are killed immediately before the water reaches the main area of the tank.

The UV-Filter kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria that passes through it and this is vital for the hygiene of both fishes & humans using them. Setting of water has to be configured carefully and temperature has to be set at a minimum of 34 Degrees Celsius on the Temperature Regulator. This is the best temperature for our Garra Rufa Turkey Wild Breed.

An O3 (ozone) system can also be installed for extra Ammonia reduction & sterilization of water.  However, this equipment is not compulsory as you already have the UV-Filter. You can install both equipment concurrently if needed.

In the Filtration System’s Box or Compartments, there should be Filtration Medias to help produce and maintain the ideal living conditions of the water which will be safe for both fishes and users. Do note that filtration medias must be changed from time to time so that water quality is maintained at all times.

We at The Princes Association know & understand our Garra Rufa fishes very well.  The weight and right amount of each item can be calculated by us (if needed) which will mean that you do not need to worry if you have too little or too much Filtration Media items.

With the experience of setting up 80% of Fish Spas in Singapore & shipping internationally to countries such as USA, UK-(England, Scotland & Wales), Canada, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia , Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar etc. since 2007, you are definitely in good hands.

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