How to know if the your fishes are Genuine Garra Rufa?

To find out if your Doctor fishes are REAL, AUTHENTIC or GENUINE, test them with 36-40 Degrees Celsius Temperatures.
Other Garra Species fishes will NOT survive such temperatures as they are more suited for colder waters.
96% of suppliers are supplying you with Garra Species which do not provide skin treatment. This is a risk to users as the water will be cold.

Use this test to verify your fishes authenticity.

Only AUTHENTIC & GENUINE Garra Rufa can withstand such temperatures where the Fish Spa is deemed safe for usage as all viruses & bacteria will be destroyed in such temperatures and also with the help of UV-Sterilizers.


If other sources tell you that their doctor fishes or so called “Garra Rufa” fishes must be kept in below 30 Degree Celsius Temperatures, please do not waste your time & money.

It is a known fact that only Garra Rufa lives in 36-40 Degrees Celsius Temperatures as seen in the Kangal (Springs) in Turkey for the last 400 years.

400 years with no reports of any transmission of disease proves that high temperature water is an important factor for this purpose. Imagine different persons sharing the same pools for 400 years and it is still safe. This is because a fish can never carry or sustain a human strain type of virus and furthermore bacteria cannot be transmitted through water due to the dillutiing effect.


If you go to a Fish Spa and the water is cold, you are most probably paying for treatment with imitation Dr fishes which has poor nibbling and no skin benefits at all.

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